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MS SQL Server for IoT

While running my home IoT system, based on HomeAssistant and Node-RED on the docker containers, I have decided to try to implement MSSQL docker based solution as a back-end database for HomeAssistant. As my host is running Debian Linux, I… Continue Reading →

Resizing Partitions on Azure VMs

It is a quite a common situation when you run out of space on a VM and you need to get an extra space. It is quite well documented how to expand actual disk size as well as deal with… Continue Reading →

Azure Backup and Azure Policies

Azure Policy  is a service in Azure that used to create, assign and, manage policy definitions. Policy definitions enforce different rules and actions over resources, so those resources stay compliant with corporate standards and service level agreements. Azure Policy runs… Continue Reading →

Azure VM Disk Identification

When you managing IaaS Virtual Machines – you may need to perform a quite a regular maintenance task to update or change the disk layout or increase the disk size. While it is quite straightforward operation within Azure, it may… Continue Reading →

Azure Log Analytics / Azure MySQL PaaS Queries

Azure Database for MySQL Azure Database for MySQL provides fully managed, enterprise-ready community MySQL database as a service. Like with any PaaS solution you may find that the ways you used to manage and troubleshoot services within IaaS world may… Continue Reading →

Configure Search Domain for HostName resolution

Are you having hostname resolution issues in the Public Cloud? Then you’ve come to the right place! Hostname resolution will fail on Linux based servers unless you update the the DHCP options manually. Default config; To update this run the… Continue Reading →

PowerShell modules and Azure Function Apps

Working on Virtual Machines Start / Stop automation, that I have done as functions in my PowerShell Module (mrv_module)  that was running in Azure Automation Hybrid Worker quite efficiently, I decided to take a look into an improved solution that may… Continue Reading →

DNS Tunnelling via TXT records: How to prevent it?

DNS Tunneling Working on the project to create a secure environment for PII data brought lots of challenges onto the table. One of the issues that has been identified as a result of  Penetration test, was ability to use DNS… Continue Reading →

Power Shell DSC: Configuration Names or Guids / PUSH or PULL

Configuration Names or Guides For some reasons – this way is covered by Setting up a DSC pull client section, while, in my opinion – it would be useful in both Pull (client is requesting the data from server constantly) and push (you just pushing it… Continue Reading →

DSC Pull Servers – TroubleShooting

DSC Pull Server This is something  you will need for 100% in your environment. Even if someone will told you that you can easily PUSH the configurations when you need and you should not be bothered… ask them very simple… Continue Reading →

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